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Our Academics

The School's Vision and Mission


Vision: “Empower students to learn for life”

Mission: “To create a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment that prepares all members of the school for the future”

Academic Quality & Success

EIA educational administrators and teachers are committed to the highest standards of the teaching profession and mutually support each other in meeting the needs of the students and School community. We value open communications and consistency by all members of the EIA community to promote improved learning experiences. EIA teachers, parents and administrators work together as a functional team to improve educational excellence within the School community.


The Principal is the key figure in all curriculum work done. At the School level; the Principal is regarded as the educational leader and main educational innovator as well as supervisor of staff and programs in the School. Suggestions for curriculum changes may come from any person, including students, parents, teachers, administrators, or other members of the community. “Curriculum change" is defined as a departure from the current course of study with the intent of improving updating, or expanding the curriculum to meet students' needs more adequately. Suggestions from parents, students, or members of the community should be proposed to the Principal or the School Managing Director, who will then discuss such suggestions with appropriate staff.

Teachers who have suggestions for curricular change should initiate discussions with their Co-ordinators or with their Principal. The Principal will then discuss the suggested changes with their curriculum committees. The School will maintain a five-year curriculum review cycle that will assure attention to textbook adoption and to regular review of curriculum and implementation of changes. The “curriculum review cycle” will be published to be certain there is a systematic, professional review of all instructional programs in the School.


The School offers a wide program of extra-curricular activities that are held after School. Students are encouraged to participate. The School Principal is responsible for determining the eligibility of students prior to allowing them to participate in any sports activity at any time of the year. Students may not participate in any extra-curricular activity or on any EIA team if they are absent due to illness, either excused or unexcused from School on the day of the activity or game. In addition, if a student has any pending disciplinary action, he/she may not participate in the activity until the discipline action is decided.

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