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Qatar National Sports Day Celebration

The staff, parents and students of Eadad International Academy displayed great enthusiasm and spirit in celebrating the Qatar National Sports Day. The Physical Education teachers (Ms. Dhouha and Mr. Souhail) organized various sports and activities for everyone. Fun competitive games and sports such as Football, Handball and Volleyball were prepared specially to make the Qatar National Sports Day a memorable event.

To jump start the QNSD celebration, a parade of the students and staff with their designated teams around the school was held.

The different teams made sure to playfully intimidate the others through their class chants:

To kick off the games, Mr Souhail together with Mohammad Hossam of 6A, performed the lighting of the torch.

The students were occupied and engaged the whole day with different fun activities that were prepared for them:

The staff and parents also joined in the fun!

At the end of the day, the winners were awarded especially the staff and parents for their participation.

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